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Epicattleya "Rosita" plant care

Epicattleya "Rosita" plant care

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As promised, today we'll talk about 
Epicattleya "Rosita". She is a beautiful plant and she is part of the Orhidaceae family, just like Cymbidium. She is originally from South America and Central America.

Epicattleya "Rosita" is a perennial plant with a continuous vegetation. The plant is very demanding when it comes to light, but she doesn't bear the direct sunlight. The humidity should be very high (about 60-80%). The temperatures during the winter season should not drop below 15 degrees Celsius. The variations in temperature between day and night, from one season to another, are absolutely necessary for getting a good bloom of the plant.  

Epicattleya "Rosita" is sensitive to the excess water in the flowerpot, because it is an epiphytic plant.

The yellow spots on the leaves which then become dark during the winter are possible to appear because of the colder nights (7 degrees Celsius) or because of the cold water used for irrigation.

During the period of active vegetation, the plant should be fertilized twice a month, except for the winter season.

Watering must be done daily by spraying water on the aerial roots. During the winter, you should water less the Epicattleya "Rosita", so that the roots and the flower buds don't rot.

This is about all the information I got about 
Epicattleya "Rosita". I hope this is useful to you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to post them in the "Ask A Question" section. I will give you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

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