Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yucca Elephantipes Care

Yucca Elephantipes Care
07.51 PM

My friend Chill drew the window curtains this morning and the sunshine came  into the room. It was wonderful! It rained a couple days off and the weather was bad. Honestly, I was pretty blue, and now when I saw that the sun came out again, I felt much better and happier.

I saw Chill in a little hurry. He put me water in the pot dish and told me he will go to flower shop to bring me a new friend. I was very happy when I heard that. I’ll have somebody to talk to when he is gone. I can not wait to meet him my new friend!!!

02.05 PM

Chill came back from the flower shop! He came with my new friend. He put the new plant next to me and then went back to work. I studied a bit on my new friend and I noticed that his strain is short and has green long (oblong) leaves. My new friend is very cheerful and talkative. He said that he is part of Liliaceae family and he’s originally from Mexico, Guatemala.
His name is Yucca Elephantipes, but he likes to be called just Yucca.

I learned from him that his family of plants is constantly in a state of vegetation. He is demanding lots of light and supports the direct sunlight. Withstands high temperatures in summer, and in winter lasts up to 10 degrees Celsius.
It is watered whenever the soil in the pot is dry, from spring to autumn. In winter, he can be watered more rarely.

Yucca said that fertilization is made at least twice a month. Very rarely the leaves can be sprayed with water to clean them of dust.

As the basal leaves dry, one must remove the yellowing leaves.  
Yucca told me that he is glad to have Chill as a friend, as the one whom he had before neglected to take care of it. Thus, my friend told me that, in general, Yucca plant is attacked by woolly lice and lice test. To get rid of these pests, he told me that the treatment must be associated with insecticide plus an acaricide, and must be applied for an interval of 10-14 days for a minimum of a month.

I’m glad I know so many new things about Yucca. I hope in the next few days he’ll tell me about places he saw and what other plants he met. I’m going to find out everything from him.

Plus, I’ll also tell you something about myself … so we can know each other better.

Have a nice day and I wish you an enjoyable reading!

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